The SieMatic ColorSystem offers a wide range of attractive finishes for the kitchen.
Beautiful colors and materials available in matte or glossy designs with the SieMatic ColorSystem

The SieMatic ColorSystem

Color is one of the most important design elements in interior design,  because it spontaneously creates moods and feelings. The choice of colors determines whether a room is perceived as inviting, elegant, generous, cool, or cozy. Achieving a nuanced combination of the different materials and door panels used in a kitchen and creating the desired harmony require not only a highly sensitive use of colors but also a well conceived concept. That is why the SieMatic ColorSystem was developed. It offers a range of attractive matt and glossy colors, which are available throughout all the SieMatic programs. The 1,950 individual matte and gloss hues of the SieMatic Individual ColorSystem are also available for SQ lacquer.

Titan white finish from the SieMatic ColorSystem for kitchen cabinet doors.


titan white

Lotus white finish from the SieMatic ColorSystem for kitchen cabinet doors.


lotus white


sterling grey




pebble grey


agate grey




stone grey


graphite grey



SQ lacquer surfaces

Nowhere is furniture subject to more stress than in the kitchen. It is for this reason that, particularly there, materials of select quality and perfect workmanship should be used. With SieMatic lacquer, home furnishings radiate elegance without offering any point of vulnerability to the high stresses of the kitchen. This is because the exclusive SieMatic SQ lacquer front panels are manufactured in “Superior Quality,” in an innovative lacquer process that provides for the greatest flexibility in planning and guarantees environmentally friendly, first-class quality. The new SieMatic AntiPrint finish reduces fingerprints even on matte surfaces.

[Translate to English:] Exklusive SieMatic SQ-Lackfronten in 1.950 individuell wählbaren matten und glänzenden Farbtönen des SieMatic Individual ColorSystems.

SmartLaque surfaces

The new very high quality SieMatic SmartLaque fronts with AntiPrint coating are manufactured using an innovative coating process; with ZeroMatic edges using state-of-the-art laser technology, which allows for maximum format flexibility and guarantees first-class quality in the high-gloss and velvet matte finish of the SieMatic ColorSystem. Visually, the new surface looks as impressive as the SieMatic SQ lacquer fronts. The new SmartLaque fronts are extremely resistant and easy to clean due to the multi-layer coating technology used.

SimiLaque surfaces

Both optically and in price, an attractive alternative to the exclusive SieMatic SQ lacquer front panels is provided by the SieMatic SimiLaque front panels, matte or glossy. Using state-of-the art laser technology, they are manufactured completely free of joints and seams: in ZeroMatic quality, which gives them their elegant, high-quality appeal. The new SieMatic AntiPrint finish reduces fingerprints even on velvety matte surfaces.

[Translate to English:] Ein Spektrum an Materialfarben für die SieMatic SimiLaque-Oberflächen in der Küche.

Laminate surfaces

SieMatic laminate furniture panels are available in matte, are extremely easy to care for, very sturdy and hygienic. They have an impeccable, high-quality appearance and in wood reproduction a remarkably natural effect."

Metallic hues as an accent

Stainless steel countertops are not the only option available: SieMatic offers a wide selection of smaller, delicate elements whose attractive metallic hues lend a special luster to classic kitchens.

Brilliant design

Whether facetted drawer fronts, shelves, glass cabinet doors, countertops, side panels, exhaust hoods, StoneDesign countertop edges, handles, or recessed handle channels; whether glossy, silky matt, or brushed; whether in “gold bronze,” “nickel,” or “black” – at SieMatic, you will find an enormous spectrum to make your ideas shine.

In exquisite “gold bronze,” “matt black,” “nickel gloss,” or “brushed nickel,“ with or without interior lighting: an eye-catching addition to any kitchen.

SieMatic handles in “gold bronze,” “nickel,” “matt black,” or “stainless steel” are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Available in “matt black,” silk gloss “gold bronze,” or “nickel gloss” and in various sizes to create a casually elegant mix in any arrangement.

An attractive accent in “matt black” or “gold bronze,” these edges provide a particularly elegant frame for countertops in SieMatic StoneDesign.


Wood surfaces

As a surface material, wood still continues to enjoy great popularity, because it exudes warmth and naturalness like no other material. Whether as a massive molded front panel or veneer, whether smooth or with added profiles, SieMatic Kitchen Interior Design offers a great variety of woods. Particularly expressive varieties with a continuous veneer pattern give the surface design the character of master craftsmanship.

ivory oak

Veneer in "graphite oak" from SieMatic's selection of natural wood kitchen cabinet door fronts

graphit oak

Veneer in "black matte oak" from SieMatic's selection of natural wood kitchen cabinet door fronts

matt black oak

Veneer in "natural walnut" from SieMatic's selection of natural wood kitchen cabinet door fronts

natural walnut

smoked oak

hazel brown oak

For information and inspiration

Immerse yourself in more of the possibilities to individually plan, equip and design your kitchen with SieMatic Interior Design. Your SieMatic concierge can tell you more about our colors and materials.


Simulated wood grain

SieMatic simulated wood grain is a family-friendly, simple alternative that is extremely easy to clean and resilient, with a flawless, high-quality appearance. As with natural wood and the craftsmanship found with wooden furniture, we focus on harmonious surfaces, pores and structure of the grain. 

beach oak

cottage oak

lincoln walnut

onyx oak

Wood grain laminate in "terra larix" from SieMatic's selection of kitchen cabinet door fronts

terra larix

Wood grain laminate in "java oak" from SieMatic's selection of kitchen cabinet door fronts

java oak

Sound advice from a kitchen designer

Learn more about the variety of materials and colors available with SieMatic with an in-person visit to your SieMatic concierge. Whether by telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp - the concierge is always available to answer all your questions about your kitchen planning.