Even for the Environment: Preferring the Best


The term “sustainability” comes originally from the area of forestry and means caring for and using forest areas in ways that take ecological, economical, and social aspects into consideration. But it is not just because wood is the most important material for SieMatic products that the topic of “sustainability” has always ranked highly here. True to our corporate motto, “Preferring the best”, SieMatic’s environmental efforts go far beyond the standard for the industry. 

Our goal, through a growing number of effective measures, is to make consistent and exemplary use of the latest ecological findings in every area of the company and to get confirmation of these measures and their results from a neutral party. Naturally, the testers in this area are also tested well, in order to ensure that the environmental certificates won by the company and SieMatic products are trustworthy, transparent, and meaningful.

"Check the auditors"

There are always words that everyone talks about yet whose significance diminishes easily as a result. The word, “sustainability” is one of them. Not everyone who claims to subscribe to the cause actually practices it. The term originates from forestry and refers to the support and use of forests under ecological, economic and social criteria. Because wood is the most important material for our products, the topic of “sustainability” has always had a particularly special meaning at SieMatic. Our corporate motto is consistent with our preference to always do the best for our environment. Therefore, SieMatic’s environmental standards have always exceeded those of the industry. One must also examine the examiners. This is especially pertinent today with the recent flood of labels and agencies, many of which lack the same respect, transparency and significance as those environmental certifications awarded to SieMatic and its products.



SieMatic is not only certified under the international DIN-Norm EN ISO 9001:2008 for quality, but also under the special environmental management standard, ISO 14001. These certifications ensure that SieMatic products and manufacturing processes are continuously optimized for quality and environmental standards under the PDCA-method (Plan-Do-Check-Act) so that the defined goals are achieved.

SieMatic has a fully integrated quality and environmental management system based on the international DIN standards EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 14001. They are the cornerstones of any company’s “Excellence Strategy“ for environmental responsibility. At SieMatic, the enforcement of these standards is guaranteed by numerous internal and external audits. The majority of our materials are derived from a renewable and recyclable material: wood.

Using advanced management of wood by-product from our machinery, we ensure optimal usage of material with minimal waste. The remaining wood by-product is 100% recycled, i.e. converted to energy in our own on-site heating plant. This prevents us from having to burn oil and allows us to use a material with very good CO2 balance since the growing trees absorb the emitted CO2. The efficiency of our production plant enables us in many respects to achieve low energy consumption. Exhaust air from the manufacturing facility is kept to a minimum by our systems.

Since the transformation of electricity into compressed air results in calorific losses, our compressed air system is optimized such that we can work with lower air pressure than normal. This reduces power consumption by more than 10%. We prefer products from our suppliers which are manufactured within the European Union and thus made according to the highest ecological standards. SieMatic goes further than others in its effort to reduce emissions. For years, SieMatic has been using water-based lacquers on veneer and wood-front doors. SieMatic’s lacquer painted door-fronts are largely styrene free. SieMatic intentionally does not produce any kitchens with foil fronts to refrain from the use of PVC. 

SieMatic already complies with more stringent formaldehyde content levels as stipulated by E 0.5 (0.05 ppm) although only the current E1 standard (0.1 ppm) is required. Commercial cleaners used in our manufacturing processes were replaced by new cleaners devoid of VOC solvents. Since 2003, SieMatic has reduced the use of toxic materials from approximately 6,000 kg per to approximately 1,800 kg per annum. All SieMatic company vehicles have modern, environmentally-friendly diesel engines, and the fork-lifts are powered by either natural-gas or electricity. Trash is sorted into 31 different categories for recycling disposal. All our printing is done within our immediate region in order to cut down on transportation. Every opportunity is taken to encourage each SieMatic employee to think and act in an environmentally conscious manner – for example, placing signs above light switches reminding to turn off when not needed.

German Furniture Association Certification for Quality, Safety & Healthy Living
GS Symbol Compliant for Environmental Safety

SieMatic is one of the few kitchen manufacturers to belong to the German Furniture Association (Deutschen Gütegemeinschaft Möbel – DGM) and to have earned the RAL seal: the Golden M. The Golden M is not only a certification for product quality and safety, but also for healthy living and is also recommended by the German Federal Office for the Environment as well as the German Association for the Environment (B.U.N.D).

GS-symbol for safety testing, enforced through regular audits to ensure a high level of environmental responsibility. Regular factory inspections and product testing is part maintaining the world-renowned GS-Symbol (Geprüfte Sicherheit, tested safety) and ensures that qualified furniture remain reliable. In addition, the GS-seal requires regular examination for pollutants.

International certificate from the
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)®

The coveted certification of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) documents the commitment and industry leadership that SieMatic has assumed with respect to the environment. SieMatic is an FSC® certified company and is able to sustainably supply our range of wood products in accordance with FSC® specifications. The FSC® is an international, independent nonprofit organization established to protect the world’s forests and people. The FSC® provides certifications for foresting and downstream industries that use wood based on global criteria that takes into equal account economic, ecological, and social demands on “forest” resources. The organization is committed to the sustainable management of forests on a global scale to prevent over-exploitation, protect rare species, and prevent human rights violations. Certified companies are inspected annually to ensure the highest level of credibility and transparency. For these reasons, the FSC® is the only forest certification system that is supported by environmental and social associations as well as the forest and wood industries. SieMatic was the first kitchen manufacturing brand to adopt this forward-thinking sourcing method and certification to actively protect our planet.