SieMatic kitchen showrooms: Find inspiration in individualized SieMatic kitchen design
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SieMatic kitchen showrooms: Take a look at timelessly elegant design for the kitchen
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SieMatic kitchen showrooms: Your SieMatic consultant provides expertise and creativity
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SieMatic kitchen showrooms: Find the kitchen that suits you
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SieMatic studios

The decision to plan a new kitchen is the beginning of an exciting process. While fun, it can often be accompanied by uncertainties - especially when it is your first time planning a kitchen, or your first time in a long while. Wherever you find a SieMatic showroom, you can find a comprehensive picture of timelessly elegant kitchen design and the best combination of master craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. SieMatic studios are always up to date: our exhibits are constantly updated and employees are regularly trained in kitchen design, so we can provide information and inspiration.

Each SieMatic is unique

Maybe you've already browsed interior design magazines and kitchen brochures. Perhaps you've asked friends and relatives for their opinions and experiences. Then you've probably noticed that kitchens can't be bought like televisions or cars; they can't be taken on a test drive, and it's difficult to compare performance. A kitchen is more of a "virtual" product. It only exists once all its parts are installed and set up in your home. You won't buy a SieMatic off the shelf: it is individually configured and designed by your SieMatic studio, and build by us - just for you.

Competent consultation

There are kitchen salespeople - and then there are SieMatic consultants. You'll soon discover the difference when it comes to customized solutions for planning, designing and equipping your kitchen to meet your needs and desires. That's why it is so valuable to have a professional partner at your side to provide expertise and creativity: your SieMatic consultant.

Always up to date

SieMatic consultants are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge. They keep up-to-date with regular training courses and seminars through SieMatic Academy, which keeps our partners informed on topics such as new product designs, technical innovations, and the latest materials for kitchen design.