SieMatic international

Attractive and innovative products are what the world expects from German companies. Products that are exemplary in technology, design and quality. Continually meeting these high expectations is and always has been the basis for the remarkable international success of many German companies, SieMatic among them.


Our kitchens have been exported and represented worldwide since 1960 as ambassadors for German brand quality - in apartments and lofts; town houses and villas; in large cities and rural areas; in 70 countries on nearly every continent, and in many diverse cultures.

SieMatic - At home around the world

Since the brand was founded in 1960, SieMatic has been exporting kitchens. Today SieMatic is found in more than 70 countries over 5 continents, and exports represent 75% of our sales. It's not only our international sales partners and customers who appreciate the high-quality design and manufacturing that characterize the SieMatic brand. International real estate companies also rely on our expertise, custom collaboration and the added value to properties. A number of renowned large-scale projects around the world are equipped with kitchens from Löhne, Germany - with more in the years to come.

SieMatic Project Business

Increase the value of your properties, whether you're a developer, contractor or architect, while meeting your customers' wishes with kitchens from the premium brand of SieMatic.