Award-winning design

The world is full of products with superficial, fleeting appeal. Good design that lasts for decades must be well thought-out and well made - and that is how it becomes timelessly elegant. Furniture of recognized design pedigree includes not just chairs, tables or lights, but also a number of SieMatic developments. Our kitchen style collections and design elements have won internationally recognized design awards, and have carved out their place in the history of product design.

One kitchen concept -
four design awards

Quadruple awards for the new interpretation of the handleless kitchen.

After three design awards won in 2020 - the Iconic Award, iF Design Award and red dot Design Award - the top-class international jury of the German Design Award 2021 was also achieved.

2019: With "PURE Collection" SieMatic is again awarded with the "German Design Award"

The SieMatic Frame Design - The art of reduction elegantly framed. Characteristic for the design is the dialogue of lines and surfaces. We are talking about the "PURE Collection", through which SieMatic was once again awarded the "German Design Award"
by the "German Design Council".

2016: SieMatic receives the
"German Brand Award in Gold"

"The German Brand Institute, founded by the internationally renowned "Rat für Formgebung," is tasked with presenting and awarding pioneering achievements in the field of brand management. The competition is open to companies selected by the institute's committees of experts. The highest award, the "German Brand Award in GOLD," was awarded to the SieMatic brand in 2016.

2015: SieMatic 29 excellence wins the "German Design Award in Gold"

"SieMatic 29 is a new interpretation of a traditional piece of kitchen furniture: the buffet. This versatile, timelessly elegant piece won over a number of internationally renowned juries and received the highest distinction of the "Rat für Formgebung" with the "German Design Award in GOLD."

SieMatic German brand award 16 gold
SieMatic German design award winner 2019
SieMatic Interiors design best of year 2014